10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East

Fascinating leadership advice in a easy and engaging tone, like a “coffee conversation” – its not about theory, it is the practice that matters.

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Thanks to their success leading businesses elsewhere, any executive with a mixture of leadership, strategy and marketing skills will be able to lead and succeed in the Arab world, right? Not according to Dr. Tommy Weir.

In 10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East, the author brings to the forefront of the conversation, when the context changes so must the approach to leading. He goes on to describe in detail the difference in the Middle Eastern context as compared to the market dynamics where most of the modern leadership thinking originated. This is the beginning point that is often skipped past but all-important for leadership success.

Drawing on extensive regional research, 10 Tips for Leading in the Middle East is a practical aid for executives and leaders from developed economies and from the Middle East by introducing new concepts such as “managerial honor and shame”, “first-generation corporate citizens”, “four performance orientations” and “workplace intelligence”. For the first time it also offers clarity on both the challenges and the opportunities facing leaders trying to succeed in the Middle East, as well as the issues that senior executives involved in building their leadership teams need to address urgently.

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