Leadership Dubai Style

For the first-time ever, the habits behind Dubai’s success…

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Dubai is doing what others dream of—becoming so successful it outpaces all the indices, earning a prominent spot on the world’s stage. Yet just decades ago “Destination Dubai” was a destitute fishing village and small trading spot, struggling to provide basic services for its people.  So the question is, how? How did Dubai achieve this extraordinary transformation? As Dr. Tommy Weir argues in this groundbreaking book, leadership! But not just any kind of leadership… 

Unique results only come from doing things differently. How else could Dubai have the tallest, biggest, best? Yet to outsiders—and even those working within the emirate—Dubai’s leadership style often remains a mystery, “lost in translation.” Not anymore! For the first time ever, Dubai’s unique leadership secrets are decoded and presented in twelve clear, easy-to-form habits.

Leadership Dubai Style proves that everything you learned in business school or on the job might just be wrong. Or, at least they’re not relevant if you want to achieve remarkable success. Pay close attention to the words on these pages if you want to learn how you can do what Dubai did.

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