The Cheeseburger Theory and other leadership observations

A collection of leadership observations that make you stop and say, "That's so true."

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The master of leadership observations that make you say, “That’s so true”; The Cheeseburger Theory brings real life leadership insights out of everyday experiences.

These observations stop and make us wonder: Is it really about money and extras? Is email a tool of productivity? How much do these leaders really want what they are asking for? Why would employees lie in public about their boss? If so much attention is given to employee performance, then why is it missing the gusto? What does it mean to lead people who came here from numerous countries in search of better opportunities? What can I do to succeed as a leader? If I didn’t go into the office every day, then who would I be? If each of you is on the same team, then shouldn’t you be focused on helping each other succeed? How often do leaders use internal language to speak with external customers? What is the fascination with being unique?

As an expert on leadership and really a leadership junkie, Dr. Tommy Weir shows us real life leadership within everyone and everything. He gives us a completely new perspective and a glimpse into someone else’s leadership.

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